Kelly Youth Activities Organization


The Scott Co. R-IV School District, otherwise known as Kelly Schools, is committed to helping all of our students succeed.  We strive to provide our kids with the tasks and environments necessary to help our graduates become responsible and productive members of society.  In an attempt to better serve our student body, our Board of Education and school administration have been investigating long-term plans for extra-curricular activities that would help keep kids connected to our school district.  Research shows that if students have a sense of belonging to the school, then they are more likely to stay in school.  Also, we feel that positive extra-curricular activities can help offset the negative influences that can affect our community’s youth.   

The purpose of KYAO is to provide the funds and support necessary to establish and maintain extra-curricular activities for the students of Kelly Schools.  Our goal is to ensure that each of our students is given the chance to grow outside of the classroom environment.   





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